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I offer you high quality dental care based on 10 years of professional experience and high qualifications as a dentist with interests and certificates in the field of Direct Aesthetic Restorations or the so called aesthetic  restorations.

I follow closely all development of modern dentistry and apply innovations in my practice.

I attend postgraduate study workshops to improve my skills and acquire further knowledge about ways of treatment. 

I work with specialized modern equipment for treatment and diagnosis.

I work with high-quality materials by world renowned and established companies on the dental market.

Your personal safety is my topmost priority. I follow an anti-infection protocol /including for HIV/ in conformity with EU norms.

Instruments and materials at my practice are sterilized in a class B autoclave in accordance with EU Regulation 1360.

I collaborate with a well-established dental laboratory.

I do not work with the National Health Insurance Fund but do my best to accommodate my patients’ budgets and wishes. I understand my patients’ needs and I therefore put a special effort into developing, together,  solutions  and treatment plans tailored to each individual case.

The prices I offer match the quality of service provided. I run periodic promotions and offer discounts such as for family therapy or comprehensive treatment.

I pride myself on a personalized approach to each and every patient.

My duty is to provide you with all the information regarding your condition, possible treatment and available options.

I draw up an individual treatment plan for each patient.

My schedule aims to reflect your working hours. For your convenience, I work from 8.00 h to 20.00 h, as well as by appointment on Saturday. I am reachable by phone at all times.

All my patients are treated personally by me in an individual room. In the event of specific needs, such as implants and orthodontics, I refer my patients to the respective specialists and I accompany them during the prescribed procedures. I only entrust my patients to proven professionals in whom I have full confidence and whose experience and achievements I know.

In addition, I aspire to maintain your dental health through regular check-ups and attendance (close observation of the healing progress in certain cases).

I continuously offer encouragement and support, and I remind you to be an active partner in maintaining your health or minimizing the risk of serious medical interventions. I aim to instil in you that regular check-ups are your best health insurance.

I offer personal oral hygiene training, covering the proper and regular use of toothbrush and toothpaste, use of interdental brushes, dental floss, mouthwash, chewing gums, etc. This is done individually, at a special appointment, during which I demonstrate  the necessary skills and procedures according to individual needs.

I provide general guidelines about nutrition and prevention of common diseases.

I am at your disposal for advice and guidance during pregnancy and I gladly take up the care for your children’s teeth from an early age.

I am always available to meet and talk and to discuss any concerns, wishes or ideas about your dental health.



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